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The Sierras de los Comechingones »
an exceptional natural environment

Estanzuela is located in the foothills of the ancient Sierra de los Comechingones, a precambrian range that runs from north to south between the provinces of San Luis and Córdoba.

The dominant vegetation in Estanzuela is a spiny woodland, with mesquite, acacias, geoffreas, and creosote bushes, among a rich array of beautiful plant species. Various cacti with spectacular spring flowers grow in the rocky ranges, together with a large number of aromatic plants that savor with their sweet fragrance the summer evenings.

A large marsh and a stream bordered by willows, reeds, and giant pampas-grasses form the most important wetlands of the whole region.

Finally, large formations of the caranday palm (Trithrinax campestris) are found in Estanzuela. This beautiful palm -with very primitive characters- only grows in this part of San Luis. Estanzuela has enthusiastically commited itself to the protection of the caranday palm, preserving its natural habitat intact.

The fauna is as diverse as the vegetation. Among the terrestrial fauna it is worth mentioning the puma, the tupinambis (a giant lizard), the larger rhea, the armadillo, and the amiable sacha cabra (a tiny woodland deer). There are also three species of giant South American rodents, including the mara or skipping Patagonian hare, the coipo (an aquatic rodent dwelling in creeks and waterways), and the vizcacha (a burrow-dwelling species forming large colonies).

The place is also a paradise for bird lovers. The preliminary list of birds is of over one hundred species.